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Recipe, Baking: Best Cocoa Brownies

While I haven’t had any insatiable, violent cravings during the pregnancy, I do find myself wanting something sweet on a daily basis. Brownies had been on my mind for a while and with all this spending on baby/maternity things, I wasn’t up for shelling out $7 for a minute slice of so-so brownie. Plus, I knew I wanted to eat more than just ONE slice. I wanted to be able to eat a brownie a day for at least 3-4 days in a row. Uh Huh. Pregnant women rights.

So one fine afternoon, feeling most confident and armed with the easiest looking of brownie recipes, I attempted baking these all by myself. With success on the very first try and all mine to savour, I’ve definitely developed a biasness for this keeper of a recipe. It yields a moist, chewy, intense dark chocolatey brownie, perfect with some vanilla ice cream or simply unadorned. A dear friend whom I met up for tea the following day, couldn’t help but eat 7 cubes all by herself, one after another.

 photo DSCF1697b_zps4c99243b.jpg

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