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Bangkok, Thailand: Soul Food Mahanakorn

Bangkok is becoming a yearly quick trip for us. Last year, we managed to hit Or Tor Kor Market, Let Them Eat Cake, Som Tum Nua and more but Soul Food Mahanakorn eluded us. First it was fully booked out and on another night, it was closed for a private function.

 photo DSCF1369_zpsa34a3128.jpg

This time around, determined not to give it a miss again, I made an email reservation a week in advance. When we arrived, I could see why reservations were hard to score on a weekend night at this small cosy establishment.

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Beijing, China: Yu Shi Fu, 鱼师傅

Getting a private driver to drive us to the Great Wall was probably the best decision we made during our Beijing trip. Honestly, it made the trip so much more enjoyable. Without having to squeeze with hordes of unruly tourists was a big plus, but what was also wonderful was that we could interact with a local who gave us insights on how living in Beijing was like. The best part? He brought us to Yu Shi Fu 鱼师傅 for lunch on the way back to the city – a restaurant we would probably have never found on our own.

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Beijing, China: Yi Zuo Yi Wang 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅

We were actually headed for a random Italian restaurant called Assaggi after drinks at Apothecary. As chance would have it, Assaggi was right next to Yi Zuo Yi Wang 一坐一忘 which I recalled being listed on our host’s friend’s compiled list of recommended eats in the city. Have I ever mentioned I have a knack for remembering restaurant names after reading about them once or twice but hardly ever can remember names of characters in movies?

Forsaking Assaggi, I pulled the hubbs along to try Yunnan cuisine at Yi Zuo Yi Wang – something both of us have never had. To be honest, we have not had a chance to eat another Yunnanese meal yet. The hubbs, while hesitant, was kind enough to let me have my way.

Navigating Yi Zuo Yi Wang’s  menu was thankfully easy. There were English translations and accompanying images to help us along. I also always fall back on the recommendations of wait staff who would usually at the very least be able to tell you what the popular or signature dishes are.

We ordered the lemongrass roasted tilapia 香茅草烤罗非鱼 which was hands down one of the best grilled fish I’ve had. Why is there a lack of good grilled fish in Singapore? We wiped this one clean (just like the one we did at James’ Kitchen) like any cat worth its whiskers.
 photo ACP_1656_zps32122315.jpg
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Singapore: Pho 99

I think we definitely found our favorite Vietnamese pho at Pho 99 in Singapore. It was first introduced to me by my boss and it was so good I knew I had to bring the hubby over the same weekend to try it. Why is good Vietnamese fare so hard to find in Singapore?

 photo 20130727_152248_zps6308ec9b.jpg

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Seoul, Korea: Hongik Sutbul Galbi (홍익숯불갈비생고기)

Grilled meat is one of my must-eats when I head to Korea. My recent trip there brought me to one of the best and more affordable (as compared to back home) places – Hongik Sutbul Galbi (홍익숫불갈비).

This no-frills barbecue place serves up some really decent cuts of meats, which explains why the place was still packed when we reached at 9pm. Lucky for us, one of the tables was about to leave just as we arrived. We ordered a portion of samgyeopsal 삼겹살 (KRW 12,000), pork galbi 돼지갈비 (KRW 12,000) and bean stew 된장찌개 (KRW 1,000).


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Istanbul, Turkey: Sultanahmet Koftecisi

Istanbul is a beautiful city and has so much to offer to tourists. However, one of the few things that might put tourists off during their visit to the city might be the lack of variety in food. The most common food items offered in the eateries there were meatballs and grilled chicken, and this can get boring…. Very. Quickly. Hence, I wasn’t expecting to be wow-ed when I entered Sultanahmet Koftecisi which was located near Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern. This eatery only serves two kinds of meats, namely meatballs and lamb shesh kebap.



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