Beijing, China: Yi Zuo Yi Wang 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅

We were actually headed for a random Italian restaurant called Assaggi after drinks at Apothecary. As chance would have it, Assaggi was right next to Yi Zuo Yi Wang 一坐一忘 which I recalled being listed on our host’s friend’s compiled list of recommended eats in the city. Have I ever mentioned I have a knack for remembering restaurant names after reading about them once or twice but hardly ever can remember names of characters in movies?

Forsaking Assaggi, I pulled the hubbs along to try Yunnan cuisine at Yi Zuo Yi Wang – something both of us have never had. To be honest, we have not had a chance to eat another Yunnanese meal yet. The hubbs, while hesitant, was kind enough to let me have my way.

Navigating Yi Zuo Yi Wang’s  menu was thankfully easy. There were English translations and accompanying images to help us along. I also always fall back on the recommendations of wait staff who would usually at the very least be able to tell you what the popular or signature dishes are.

We ordered the lemongrass roasted tilapia 香茅草烤罗非鱼 which was hands down one of the best grilled fish I’ve had. Why is there a lack of good grilled fish in Singapore? We wiped this one clean (just like the one we did at James’ Kitchen) like any cat worth its whiskers.
 photo ACP_1656_zps32122315.jpg
We also ordered the Mee Sua 小锅米线. The noodles are thicker that the usual  we are used to in Singapore. Well, almost like an in-between of the thick beehoon and mee sua we have. The noodles were accompanied with seaweed, minced pork, spring onions, tomatoes, onions and kiam chye (preserved vegetables). Also another dish I would definitely recommend ordering. 
 photo ACP_1660_zpsd847a42a.jpg
If you’re quite open to the idea of eating flowers, then order their fried egg with jasmine flowers 茉莉花炒鸡蛋. Also another of their signature dishes. The hubbs wasn’t a fan of munching on flower buds but I actually quite enjoyed it!
 photo ACP_1663_zpsebcece20.jpg
We also ordered the chicken酸角煮鸡 which of course tasted of tamarind (酸角is tamarind) and lemongrass, garlic, spring onions and tomatoes. Think of it like a Chinese chicken stew?

 photo ACP_1658_zpsfc8b44e2.jpg

Last dish of the night was this stir fried black pepper beef 糯米香茶牛仔粒. (Ok so we ate a lot for two.)

 photo ACP_1662_zps2fa87df4.jpg

I really enjoyed our first (and hopefully not last) Yunnanese meal at Yi Zuo Yi Wang and would highly recommend anyone to give it a go. All the dishes we had were exceptional. It felt like we were eating at someone’s house and their mum was cooking these homemade, heartwarming dishes for us.

Oh and because I was greedy and just needed to try their dessert, I took away this little pastry called Rose Pastry 经典玫瑰饼 which I ate on our pitstop on the Great Wall Of China the next day. Tastes similar to a Chinese pastry, but stuffed with a flaky filling that tasted of rose essence.

Total bill came up to 202 RMB (approx 42 SGD) for the two of us.

 photo IMG_7336_zps41e9f935.jpg

 photo IMG_7339_zpsdd2943ea.jpg

Yi Zuo Yi Wang 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅



– S

Photos by Adrian C Photography

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