Singapore: Pho 99

I think we definitely found our favorite Vietnamese pho at Pho 99 in Singapore. It was first introduced to me by my boss and it was so good I knew I had to bring the hubby over the same weekend to try it. Why is good Vietnamese fare so hard to find in Singapore?

 photo 20130727_152248_zps6308ec9b.jpg

We usually go to Long Phuong in Joo Chiat for our Vietnamese fix but now that we have tried Pho 99, we agree we probably aren’t going back any time soon.

The soup at Pho 99 is more complex, delicate and less oily as compared to Long Phuong’s. At approx $10 a bowl you get a huge bowl of quality beef and noodles. You can pick the option of having just sliced beef, or sliced beef with beef balls or just the latter.

Don’t forget to be greedy and order the sides. The fried spring rolls are stuffed with mushrooms and juicy minced pork. I’m a huge fan of mushrooms so I really liked these, but the sis Y who came on another occasion felt Long Phuong’s fried rolls were better. I also enjoyed the fresh spring rolls which were fairly decent. But what’s really outstanding are the juicy grilled wings which aren’t pictured. I had these on the first trip with the boss and the colleagues and everyone was so hungry we didn’t bother with photos.

Seating here is limited and you might feel a little rushed eating here during the crazy busy lunch hour on weekdays with hordes of working bees eager to get food. If you’re headed here on a weekend, come early because the owner only caters for limited portions. HungryGoWhere lists them as closing at 8pm on weekends, but a quick chat with the owner reveals they close in the mid afternoon once portions are sold out.

Pho 99

57, 58 Amoy Street (Directly opposite Amoy Food Centre)

Tel No: 64109600

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 10am to 9pm; Sat-Sun, 10am to whenever they sell out

– S

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One thought on “Singapore: Pho 99

  1. Fon. says:

    Great review on Pho 99! Sounds like this restaurant serves really good food. Needless to say, the meal shown in the photo looks delectable. Thanks for sharing this review. On my return trip to Singapore, I’ll definitely check out Pho 99 for some authentic Vietnamese fare.

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