Taipei, Taiwan: James Kitchen 大隱酒食

Tucked at the furthest end of Yong Kang street 永康街, James Kitchen 大隱酒食is a restaurant serving hearty home-cooked Taiwanese fare. If you’ve been to Taipei countless times and have had your fair share of XXXL Ji Pa (Chicken Chop), enough dumplings at Ding Tai Feng and oodles of Beef Noodles and you’re hoping to discover another facet of Taiwanese cuisine, James Kitchen will satisfy.

We had a hard time looking for the place at about 8pm. 65 Yong Kang street eluded us the entire Yong Kang stretch and we almost gave up until we decided to venture even further into not-so-brightly-lit territory right at the very very end of the road.

 photo Taiwan-2012-0008_zpsb2b8347f.jpg

Main branch at 65 Yong Kang Street

 photo Taiwan-2012-0001_zps5acf4ffc.jpg

Rustic store front with a collage of newspaper clippings

It was full house when we arrived and we were told to wait for about half an hour or so. Lucky for us, the wait wasn’t that long and we were ushered to a smaller space which handled the restaurant’s overflow of guests.

 photo Taiwan-2012-0007_zpsdc409519.jpg

Second store to cope with the increasing number of guests

Fear not, an English menu accompanies this order slip.

 photo Taiwan-2012-0002_zps8f180fe2.jpg

A pity there were only two of us, and we could only order this much.

 photo Taiwan-2012-0004_zpse61b6df8.jpg

Forget Lu Rou Fan and indulge in James Kitchen’s so good you can eat-it-on-it’s-own 蔥香豬油飯 Scallion Pork Fat Rice (20 NTD; foreground).
For variety, I ordered the 干貝肉燥飯 Conpoy Minced Meat Rice (35 NTD). Not bad, but I would order 蔥香豬油飯 anytime over this. 

 photo Taiwan-2012-0003_zps2acd4de3.jpg

午魚一夜干 Grilled Threadfin, 275 NTD 
We didn’t take a picture of how we both scraped this fish clean and the hubbs isn’t even a fish person! Must-order.

 photo Taiwan-2012-0005_zpsb185b37f.jpg

清燉蟹肉獅子頭 Crab Meat Balls in Cabbage Soup 295NTD. A light soup with a subtle sweetness from the white cabbage and the crab meat.

 photo Taiwan-2012-0006_zpsececc82f.jpg

炸蚵卷 Fried Oyster Rolls 150 NTD. Greasy rolls jam packed with oysters, spring onions, minced pork. Yums.

James Kitchen 大隱酒食
65 Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei / 台北市大安區永康街65號
Tel: (02) 2343 2275
Hours: 11:00am~2:00pm, 5:30pm~12:00am
Call and make a reservation before heading down as they are not open during lunch on some days. 

– S

Photos by Adrian C Photography

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