Bangkok, Thailand: Or Tor Kor Market

I’m not sure how many of you already know about Or Tor Kor Market also known as Aw Taw Kaw Market in Bangkok. Because if I’m really the last one to know, how come no one was sharing this with me before?? So this post is for the benefit of those who don’t have a clue what/where that is and like me, didn’t know what we were missing out on at Or Tor Kor Market.


A colleague had casually mentioned Or Tor Kor Market to me when she knew I was headed for Bangkok. Truth be told, when she said the word “market”, all I could think of was unsanitised, wet, grimy markets with narrow lanes. Clearly, I’m scarred by the wet markets in Singapore in the 90s. After reassurances that Or Tor Kor Market was nothing like that, I decided to give it a go.

Honestly, it made so much sense heading there for breakfast anyway because guess where Or Tor Kor is located? Diagonally opposite the famous Jatujak Market in Bangkok. Yes, so close to the Jatujak Market which most of us head for when we’re in the city! How could I have missed out on this gem for so many years?

Or Tor Kor Market is housed in a super clean airy complex. It is, like my colleague reassured, extremely clean. In fact, it might put some of our markets to shame. One half of the Market sells Bangkok’s highest quality produce like mangoes, durians, dried goods and snacks, where I ended up buying hae kor (prawn paste), tapioca chips and dried longans. The other half houses the cooked food area where we gravitated towards immediately. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves but everything we had was delicious, fresh and from stalls’ which had more than decent hygiene standards. This is any foodie’s haven and its proximity to my favourite Jatujak market places Or Tor Kor Market firmly on my must-go places in Bangkok.

Getting there:
Or Tor Kor Market is also known as Aw Taw Kaw Market (to help you pronounce it, every word rhymes with the word ‘raw’)
MRT: Kampheng Phet Station, take the exit marked Marketing Association of Farmers. You should exit and see the entrance of the market.
Alternatively, just take a cab.


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2 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand: Or Tor Kor Market

  1. I’ve always loved street markets and I’ve heard Thailand has especially great ones. Great post, I hope to be able to go there one day!


    • trufflehogs says:

      Thanks Kay! Yes Thailand has great street markets 🙂 I would say Or Tor Kor market is more of a local fresh food market and not so much a street food market. In any case, you definitely should visit Or Tor Kor if you get a chance to visit Bangkok. If you prefer street food markets, head to Sukhumvit Soi 38 in the evenings. Cheers

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