Bangkok, Thailand: Let Them Eat Cake

I love Bangkok. I love the people who always have a smile on their face, the joint crackin’ massages, sweating it out in jatujak market and discovering quirky creative pieces and of course, what I like most is the cuisine. Thai dishes are an explosion of spicy, sweet and tangy flavours. Hearty but never heavy; nuanced and never bland. Everyone’s possibly got restaurants and hawkers they make a habit of returning every single time they visit and I think we have found them this trip. I will get down to writing about those places we ate at but since my fellow countrymen are currently cafe crazy (and I mean both at visiting them and setting them up) I thought I would first share this gem at Sukhumvit called Let Them Eat Cake.

Bangkok, alike Singapore, is possibly experiencing a surge of new cafe set ups. There were many places that came up during a quick google but I decided I could only make time (and space on the waistline) for this one. Let Them Eat Cake, which looks like a toned down version of Singapore’s Antoinette, is on the relatively quiet Sukhumvit Soi 20. We came by on a Sunday afternoon and all the 30-35 seats indoors were taken, so we were promptly shown seats in the outdoor area. Service staff kindly obliged to sit us indoors once a party was done. The outdoor seats were actually really nice but we chose air-conditioned comfort over the heat. The menu is a succinct selection of teas, coffees, chocolate drinks and wine. As for desserts, a selection of about ten are right at the front counter.


We ordered the Thai Tea Tart, a La Rose, a latte and a cold chocolate drink to start. The Thai Tea Tart (135 baht) was the only fusion dessert on the menu.


Chai yen flavours in the tart came through in the mousse. Every component was chai yen flavoured – from the ganache, to the glaze, to even the two mini blocks of Thai Tea jelly that sat pretty on the tart. If you look carefully, there’s also a genoise biscuit (pre -soaked in Thai tea syrup) that’s embedded within the mousse. Fans of the popular Thai beverage should definitely pick this.


The second dessert we tried was called the La Rose (135 baht). Rose bavarois cream is set atop an almond dacquoise biscuit in the shape of a rose no less. Hidden in the middle is a ball of jellified raspbery coulis which tasted like an raspberry sorbet. La Rose was definitely a winner. We really liked the subtle gentle rose cream coupled with a refreshing hit of raspberry.



My sister, Y, was so impressed with the desserts that she egged us to order a third dessert to share. We’re all fans of passionfruit and it only made sense that the third would be the La Passion. This was pretty similar to the La Rose – passionfruit mousse on a layer of almond dacquoise with a strip of jellified raspberry coulis within, topped with some crispy bits of raspberry. Absolutely no complaints with this one too.




I know most people rush through Bangkok trying to shop and eat as much as they can especially so when it’s a short weekend getaway. If you do actually have some time to spare, or would prefer to take it slow for a change, Let Them Eat Cake would be a great patisserie to slot into your plans. They also open till midnight on Friday and Saturday but I’m guessing you would need to make a prior reservation.

Let Them Eat Cake
G floor Mille-Malle, Sukhumvit Soi 20, Bangkok
(If you’re taking a cab and coming in from Sukhumvit road, keep telling the driver to go straight until you see Mille-Malle building on your right side)
+66 2 663 4667
Mon-Thurs, Sun: 10am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-12midnight

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