Seoul, Korea: Bulgogi Brothers, MyeongDong (불고기브라더스)

We dined at the MyeongDong outlet of Bulgogi Brothers when we visited Seoul recently. It took a while for us to find the place as it was the weekend, and the place was sprawling with locals and tourists alike. Fortunately, we managed to seek directions from this burly security guard on duty in the HUGE Uniqlo with my broken Korean and my screencaptures of google map on my phone (he kept trying to scroll around thinking it was the actual map on the Internet. In the end, he whipped his own smartphone out to check out the map). It turned out that Bulgogi Brothers was only one alley down from Uniqlo! We sped down hungrily to the restaurant, after expressing our thanks to the guard.

The restaurant’s layout was quite westernised, by that I mean, it looks like… say, Tony Roma’s at Suntec City in Singapore. They actually do have Chinese and English menus, which we only found out later when we were paying. Just a small note that the prices in the Chinese and English menus were not updated with their newest pricing. I’ve included the updated prices in my post for the items we ordered. Alternatively, you can visit their website here).

The Galbi (갈비 꽃살) we ordered was very juicy and fresh. Most wonderful.



Galbi (갈비 꽃살) ₩ 41,800

We also ordered a portion of the Bulgogi Bibimbap (송이 불고기 비빔밥) as M is a fan of any kind of Bibimbap and “had to try it“. This turned out quite nicely, but I must say we didn’t have any bad Bibimbap in Korea.


Bulgogi Bibimbap (송이 불고기 비빔밥) ₩11,900

Last but not least was the Bulgogi Brothers Special (BB 스폐셜) for 2 pax. It was funny how the patties came heart-shaped. Perhaps they assumed that anything for 2 were for couples? It also came with a portion of meat (didn’t manage to get a picture of them tgt as the waiter had already started cooking them) This was slightly pricey in my opinion, and honestly, I would have rather paid for another portion of Galbi instead.




(BB 스폐셜) ₩48,900

Service was prompt and friendly, and the waiters we came into contact with all spoke English, though minimally. Overall a good experience with good company, but not in a hurry to go back unless you’re craving heaps of meat.


Bulgogi Brothers
2F Taeheung B/D, 7-1 Myeong-dong 1ga, Jung-gu
서울시 중구 명동 1가 7-1 번지

-by Y

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