London, UK: Tatties

The day we explored Cambridge was undoubtedly one of the coldest we had experienced during our stay in London. With the weather windy and gloomy with a slight drizzle, we knew we were set to have a miserable time there; exploring the university town, or any other place for that matter, in the rain would be a pain.

We arrived an hour before noon and decided to just head for lunch first because the wind ate up a lot of our calories because of the ‘bah!’ weather. Thus, off we went to look for food! It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon this shop stuffed full with people inside. The short queue that was formed on the steps leading into the shop cleared pretty quickly, allowing us access to Tatties’ ordering counter and the basement (which had more seats and bathroom facilities).

Our orders came soon enough despite the large crowd. As the name might suggest, those that visit Tatties (a dialect word for potato) are mainly drawn to the plethora of ways in which their potatoes are prepared.


We tried the jacket potato with their homemade chilli con carne (GBP6.95). It was astounding! The potato wedges were prepared till crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. On top of the potato was a heapful of chilli con carne, which was mildly spiced and had generous amounts of meat in it. Top it all off with a dollop of nice and cold sour cream and – TADA! – we’ve got ourselves a winner!


We also ordered the baked potato with spicy chicken (GBP6.65). You’d be expecting the sauce from the spicy chicken to melt the healthy amount of cheese that was burying the potato, making the dish all nice and stringy. But nope, it didn’t quite work that way for this dish. It was really just the hot and piping potato at the bottom melting the cheese. You see, the spicy chicken was cold – not unpleasant but not what I was expecting either when I first bit into it. The sauce was slightly sweet and not at all spicy for me, tasty nonetheless. This dish is definitely not for one who’s unadventurous with their food. However, M enjoyed this thoroughly because of the nice contrast in heat between the spicy chicken and the potato.

Would definitely revisit this place for the potatoes if I’ve got the chance!


The outside of the Tatties we visited

Tatties Cafe Restaurant (Baked Potato Merchants Since 1981)

15 Trinity Street

*NOTE: Make sure you visit the one at Trinity Street which states that they are baked potato merchants since 1981! We later learnt that there is another shop with the exact same name located along Sussex Street with no connection to the former.


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