London, UK: The Guildable Manor, Borough Market

I’m not a fan of bread/sandwiches (the other two are more impartial), so the only time I eat it is when:

1) There’s nothing else to eat

2) I dislike the other food options more than the bread/sandwich option.

That said, I LOVE the sandwiches churned out by this little store located at the end of Borough Market (in Green Market).

Sandwiches made fresh right in front of you!

The Guildable Manor’s Menu

We’ve tried all of the flavours but the Mixed Game (there is only so much space in one’s tummy, sigh).

The Lemon Chicken is the most popular on the menu, and is sold out by late afternoon.

Butttt, our unanimous personal favourites would be the Spiced Lamb. Marinated with fresh mint, coriander, smoked paprika and cumin, the lamb didn’t have that gamey smell, and to top it off, the paprika gave that extra oomph to boost the flavours – the kick that our Singaporean tongues so desire.  Topped with their handmade sauces – they recommended the Salsa Verde (lemon juice and parsely; tangy) and Harrisa (morrocan chilli paste; spicy) – this sandwich is one that will blow your mind away.

THE Lamb Sandwich. The bomb, really.  Just look at the grilled halloumi.

If lamb is not your kind of thing, try the beef (medium well for maximum juice) or check out their weekly specials! Priced at GBP 4.80 each (with an additional GBP 1.50 for cheese), this highly affordable and tasty sandwich draws snaking queues at meal times. But no worries, the queue clears pretty quickly, and the wait is well worth it!

P.S. We added Halloumi to all of our sandwiches; a little expensive but oh-so-good!


The Guildable Manor
3 Green Dragon Court
Bankside, London

– Y

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